KONG Retractable Lead Explore Large Grey


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Product Description

The new KONG retractable lead series includes unique models designed for different types of dogs and walking environments. Each model features a soft grip handle with added grip support for a comfortable hold and wide tape webbing. Our intuitive brake and lock mechanism works with a natural walking motion and with a dogs walking tendencies. Like all KONG products, you can depend on these retractable leads for durability and strength walk after walk.

Many dogs enjoy the ability to sniff, roam and wander during their walks. With this lead, they can do just that! It features a 7.5 m colour coordinated tape so dogs have extra room to explore.

  • 50% longer than KONG Terrain
  • Soft grip handle with grip support
  • Intuitive brake and lock mechanism
  • Colour coordinated tape
  • Available in 3 colours


Additional Information

Weight 680 g







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