We’ve been dog owners all our lives and so we know that they are more than part of the family; they are family. And they deserve the very best of everything.

From those first adorable puppy days, all the way through their playful and active lives, Life is the FawPaws store for everything you need to help you keep your dog a happy dog, every day of the week.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes (and personalities!) but whoever they are, you’re going to want to keep them safe, secure, healthy and happy.  Whatever the weather, and whether your four-legged friend is a water baby, a home buddy, a dog that is happiest working or a dog that purely wants to play, there are so many different dog accessories here to accompany them (and you) on all of their adventures.

We recognise how important play is in keeping a dog healthy, both in body and mind, and as such we are proud to be an Authorised KONG® Reseller. Our selection of quality dog toys is extensive – squeaky toys and quiet toys, plush toys and tough toys, training toys and treat toys, throw and fetch toys, bouncing balls and safe sticks.

With so many different products to choose from, you’re sure to find the ‘pawfect’ dog accessories to give your four-pawed friend the happiest life, every day.

FawPaws Dogs | Louise


Louise is the brains behind the FawPaws stores. Louise works super hard making sure everyone is happy. And fed! And she’s a bit of a chocaholic herself.

FawPaws Dogs | Scruff


Scruff is one of the original members of the FawPaws team. He’s the most vocal of the pack. He also knows where the (not so) secret stash of dog treats are hidden in the office!

RIP 5.1.09 – 20.12.23

FawPaws Dogs | Red

Trainee / Runner

The newest member of the FawPaws team, Red appears to be loving his new role. He never seems to tire of fetching and carrying and is super intelligent and quick to learn.

FawPaws Dogs | Pru

PR ('Paw'sitive Relations)

The most laid back member of the team. It is impossible to be stressed when Pru is around. She instils a sense of calm wherever she goes. ‘Paw’sitive vibes only here!