KONG HandiPOD Mini Interchangeable Starter Kit


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Product Description

The KONG HandiPOD INTERCHANGEABLE STARTER KIT is for dog walkers who want to have peace of mind and safety when they’re out and about.

The pack contains interchangeable components – a poo bag dispenser, a powerful torch attachment and a hand sanitising gel attachment.

The torch has a 100 lumen PCB LED and includes 3 x AAA batteries that provide excellent night time visibility and long battery life.

The unit is made from high quality ABS plastic and is double rubber coated. The hand gel is independently proven effective against germs, leaving hands feeling clean and refreshed with no sticky residue. The bags included are degradable, very high quality and have tie handles.

KONG HandiPOD refill packs are available separately and contain bags and a gel refill pod.

The unit comprises a base unit which can be used alone or you can choose to attach either the gel pod or the torch attachment.

  • CONVENIENT WASTE & POOP BAG DISPENSER: The KONG HandiPOD Clean Dispenser is a convenient way to carry your dog’s waste and poop bags while on a walk or on-the-go. The included carabiner clip allows you to attach it to your dog’s leash, your waist, or any convenient location.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE HAND SANITIZER & FLASHLIGHT ATTACHMENTS: Comes with the Hand Sanitizer as well as Flashlight attachments for your KONG HandiPOD Dog Waste and Poop Dispenser.
  • HIGH QUALITY DOG WASTE & POOP BAGS: Includes 3 rolls (30 bags) of sturdy, dog waste and poop bags with handles.
  • REFILLABLE WASTE BAGS: Refill with KONG HandiPOD Refill Bags for best value.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This product is a high quality and durable KONG product.

Additional Information

Weight 165 g
Dimensions 18.5 × 14.5 × 4 cm



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